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Welcome – Healing Is Just A Phone Call Away!

Federal City is proud to serve as Washington DC’s leading treatment and recovery provider for Substance Use Disorders.

We are also a premier recovery center and substance abuse treatment facility with over 20 years of service providing our clinical and counseling services to a wide variety of clients. We have a substance abuse and mental health professional staff ready to help you with all treatments that you’ll need.

We pride ourselves on our organization and our unique individualized treatment plans which make you get better, feel better, and stay better.

Our overarching mission is to do our part to solve the opioid epidemic that so many people are affected by and do what we can to provide addiction treatment to all who need it. With our Federal City Pledge, we hold ourselves accountable to our mission and to you.

We make sure that all people – regardless of any problems and challenges they’re currently facing – are welcomed by our center. We provide a wide range of treatment services for those with mental health problems, substance abuse issues, and/or disorders which are co-occurring. We have an ethical, empathetic, professional, and responsible attitude in all the work we do.

Today is the day you TAKE CONTROL.

It’s possible you’ve had treatment in the past which didn’t work. Perhaps you hesitated to receive the treatment at all because of fear or concerns. Perhaps you’re just unsure you even have a problem that needs to (or can) be treated.

Addiction is real and crushes families, communities, and lives. The problem is not improving at all, and we here at Federal City are fully committed to providing you addiction treatment services to stem this crisis.

We’re here waiting for you to act today!

Call us to schedule an appointment today at 202.735.5579.