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We Do What Works! Evidence-Based

Treatment & Therapies

Federal City has a fully trained and credentialed team of therapists who practice evidence-based behavioral therapies and supported practices. Here are some of the methods, therapies, and treatments we use:

Build Relationships – First and foremost, we get to know our clients because we want them to participate in their healing. It’s a partnership! This partnership is key to a successful treatment and long-term recovery outcome which is why we make it a priority to establish a client-provider bond.

We work hard to train our staff in knowing how to build and strengthen this bond and periodically evaluate our therapists, nurses, case managers, and counselors to ensure standardized measures are implemented. This has proven to be invaluable in our ability to make real-time improvements to client care.

Motivational Interviewing This technique is a part of Federal City’s focus on building client-provider relationships which empowers clients to make the necessary life modifications and change to build a drug and alcohol-free life. We help clients determine and realize they are their biggest cheerleader; they matter. We combine motivational interviewing techniques with other methods to achieve greater results.

The Twelve-Step Group Therapy Process –12-step treatment includes spiritual and recovery principles combined with the practical help and support of group members that have the same problem. This combination of applying spiritual principles, recovery principles, and group support has proven to increase long-term addiction recovery outcomes.

Therapy For Trauma-Related Instances assists clients in healing from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which is often the root cause of substance abuse issues. Federal City’s therapists teach their clients the skills needed to manage painful emotions that are associated with post-traumatic stress responses. Clients learn how to build valuable resources, develop and apply grounding skills, and resiliency skills.

CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)  We need to know the root cause of why a patient relapse. Therefore, our CBT based therapy sessions are designed to target behaviors and thoughts that stand in the way of recovery. We teach clients how to correct and replace such behaviors and thoughts with rational ones that do not feed the addiction. Our clinicians are fully trained in CBT methods and use them to assist our clients with practicing healthy coping skills to manage triggers.