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National Recovery Month 2020!

Federal City honors, recognizes, and supports with our community works, National Recovery Month 2020! We will continue to do what it takes to get the word out about mental and substance use disorders (SUD) and celebrate the people who have recovered. Equally important to us are those who are currently in the recovery process because you had the courage to ask for help and we encourage those who have not yet taken that first step to begin the process of recovery through treatment.


HOPE. Hope is a powerful word and it is one to not take lightly. To have the expectation of living a healthy life free from mental illnesses and SUDs is something you can stand on — something you can do! Know that others have won this battle and so can you. Be at the point of zero tolerance for disorders. Be at the point of not giving up on living the life of your dreams. Be at the point of envisioning your blessing. Be!

Your recovery can begin today if you reach out to us. That’s it! Make a simple phone call and we will give you the attention and care you deserve.

From the entire Federal City family,

We Wish You Well
and continue to move forward
in your precious life.