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Evaluate Us

You may find it challenging to pinpoint the right treatment for you, but measuring criteria will help you make the decision to attend Federal City. How to choose the right facility can be complex but we have developed a list of common questions to help you determine the service quality we provide and whether our program is a perfect fit for you.

What Happens First?

A certified professional should conduct an in-depth assessment with you when you meet them – this test helps determine your diagnosis and will also help you to build your individualized treatment plan over the long term.

The Right Questions

The steps below are the right questions to ask about your treatment and recovery facility. They explain the process of pinpointing and then treating issues that relate to substance use disorders:

Remember, your healing path matters. Your choice to attend our facilities matters and you have a right to test us…to see if we measure up to your high expectations of a treatment and recovery facility. Use the above questions as your criteria.