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Marijuana: Don’t Let It Fool You!

Social pressure from peers is a major factor to why many adolescents smoke marijuana, not to mention its increasing societal acceptance. Unfortunately, oftentimes casually smoking marijuana turns into a disorder because this substance is one of the easiest to get addicted to and one of the easiest to purchase. Many addicts do not think they have a problem, nor do many of their associates or parents.

Marijuana can manifest many types of withdrawal symptoms and because the symptoms are not as severe as when using other drugs, oftentimes smokers do not take withdrawal seriously. The withdrawal symptoms have been compared to nicotine withdrawal because both drugs can:

You Can Do It!

Choosing to seek treatment for marijuana addiction can be difficult, and many people think they don’t need to. Those who do not get treatment often do not realize how hard it is to beat addiction alone. It’s important to realize that you can and we can help you do that. Federal City’s therapy sessions teach clients the tools needed to avoid or cope with the triggers causing them to smoke marijuana. This helps them to not relapse when in compromising situations.

Contact us today so we can be there with you every step of the way to conquer smoking marijuana.