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ASAM Level 3.7 – Medically Monitored Inpatient Treatment for Adults (Withdrawal Management)

Federal City provides ASAM Level 3.7 services in addition to other ASAM levels of care. Our 3.7 services include withdrawal management care in a 24-hour medically monitored setting with physician/nursing evaluation. Our experts evaluate clients under industry-approved policies and procedures and clinical protocols.


Level 3.7 care is necessary for clients who require highly structured services, including extensive evaluation, observation, and addiction treatments. Oftentimes, clients in this category experience severe withdrawal signs and symptoms and therefore require 24-hour care, but do not require the full resources of a hospital or an intensive inpatient program.

In any case, we thoroughly document case notes for an accurate physician assessment during the admission process or within 24 hours of admission. Our 3.7 level of care includes, but not limited to, the following:

• Creating an initial treatment, recovery, and rehabilitation plan within 24 hours of admission.

• Assessing the client daily and providing on-site care to monitor progress during withdrawal management and the initial treatment, recovery, and rehabilitation plan.

• Providing medications, if necessary, to reduce discomfort levels caused by withdrawal symptoms.

• Supporting the client’s care with 24-hour availability and available to administer medications upon physician’s order.

• Completing a detailed client assessment with laboratory and toxicology tests by a physician, physician assistant, or advanced practice registered nurse within 24 hours of admission.

• Provide access to necessary Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)