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Inhalants: They Are Bad News!

Inhalants are usually produced as volatile aerosols and in gaseous form, packaged in pressured canisters. Many drugs known to interfere with human functions in different ways are produced as inhalants. The potential adverse effect of abusing inhalants is the reason why related government health agencies prohibit the use of inhalants by minors in many parts of the world.

The effects of using inhalants as a drug can cause fatal damage to the human body over time. Also, individuals who have been using inhalants for a long time can become dependent on the drug. Everyone should avoid becoming addicted to inhalants. The consequences of abusing inhalants have received minimal coverage in the media. This is because only a few cases of addiction and fatalities resulting from the abuse of inhalants are documented. However, millions of Americans have abused these drugs and experienced serious health consequences.