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Federal City Welcomes Our

Spotlight Counselor:
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This section is for the bio of our incredible counselor whom we are spotlighting for the current month. Federal City spotlights guest counselors and therapists because we know the value they bring to the behavioral health platform and appreciate all that they do for clients across the world. So, this is our effort and opportunity to say “Thank You”…well done!

Visit Us and Put Our

27 YEARS Of Serving DC
To The Test

It matters to you and to us that your healing path measures up to be “the best of the best.” But, what you measure is important and your level of satisfaction is important to us. We understand that we work for you. So put us to the test. Give us a call or stop by so we can demonstrate how we live up to your expectations of what a treatment and recovery facility should be about. It matters.

They Did It, You Can Too. You’re Worth It!

“There’s no need for changes.” Federal City’s program needs no changes.

Together. We Will Crush Them!

Let’s squash these addictions together. You are ready. Don’t talk yourself out of healing. You know you were born for greatness! Here are just a few of the substances that will kill your dreams and stop your greatness if you do not let them know who’s boss!


1. The Best Teams

Our teams are trained to provide the services you need to promote life you deserve. Give us a chance to invest in your future with our evidence-based treatment and recovery services.

3. Just For You

You are unique, therefore your treatment and recovery must be unique – tailored just for you. Come and help us design the services that are right for you.

2. We Know Our Stuff

The knowledge we have is the knowledge you need to make a positive change and take control of your life. We are here for you so make it happen today and give us a call!

5. No Cost To You

That’s right. At no cost to you, we are here to serve you, a DC resident so use the blessing! Use us to help better your life. Take the first step and give us a call.

3. 27 Years of Experience

Counselors, Therapists, Nurses, Support Teams… We have them all! All experienced, well qualified professionals with the patience of Job. Equally important, we care.

6. We Fight With You

You deserve the best of the best counselors, therapists, and support teams. Dreaming and doing is a winning couple so partner with us to make it happen today.

We Work For You

We are assigned to you. We are ready and available when you are ready. All of us work hard to fulfill the treatment and recovery plan designed with you and specifically for your needs. Give yourself a chance to be served by these awesome people.

“Consistent. High Quality” Case Management Services

Warrior #2

A Federal City Client

Great 42 day Program!

Warrior #1

A Federal City Client

“You guys are already Perfect!” Program needs no changes.

Warrior #3

A Federal City Client



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    The Best Is YET To Come.

    YET you have to call. YET you must be strong and YET you have to act now and let us do this with you. Believe that we can do it together. You are more valuable than gold. Act Like It!