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Level 3.7 Program – 24-Hour Care

The level 3.7 program uses effective methods to promote long-term recovery in an organized residential environment. Trained staff are available 24 hours to support our clients because we know the importance of progress monitoring to reduce the chances of a relapse or continued substance use.

Who is it for?

Level 3.7 program is the best choice for people who need 24-hour monitoring and support from nurses and other medical personnel. It is specially designed for people struggling with functional abilities daily due to previous substance abuse or related issues.

Services You Will Receive

Individuals registered for the 3.7 program are monitored to ensure their health status is improving. We have trained medical staff who:

• Assess the impact of continued substance abuse on the individual’s biomedical status. We leverage the results to determine potential negative impacts on the individual’s health and other concomitant biomedical conditions.

• Identify the client’s biomedical challenges, which may require 24-hour medical support and treatment.

• Apply evidence-based proven methods to reduce anger and self-harm. Handling such cases in a support facility with 24-hour attention from staff reduces such risks to the individual and others.

• Support individuals experiencing cognitive issues and other related challenges.

• Maintain detailed and accurate records from 24-hour monitoring by nurses and act quickly to arrange visits to a physician at the onset of severe withdrawal symptoms.

Overall, our trained staff will monitor, record observations, and tailor therapeutic interventions to the client’s needs, therapeutic interventions to manage challenging behavior and potential triggers. This helps the client apply the best coping methods to maintain a relaxed state and a better life.